Why I Became a Doula

Jan 13, 2021 | Our Authors | 0 comments

By Lindsay Taylor

I’m not the only nutrition expert out there specializing in food for pregnancy and postpartum — far from it!⁠

But my experience as a mom has taught me some hard truths. ⁠

There is a massive gap between the recommendations we hear for how to eat during pregnancy and what’s REALISTIC and practical when you’re actually pregnant or postpartum. ⁠

For example:

  • when you’re on the couch most of the day⁠
  • when you don’t have the energy to cook anything that takes more than 15 minutes⁠
  • when you feel nauseated by most food⁠
  • when you have another little person (or more!) to care for, on top of your pregnancy

What drew me to doula work was both knowing that pregnant and postpartum women deserve more support than they get, and the fact that the philosophy of the work really struck a cord with me.

Doula work, at its core, is non-judgmental, caring support that meets you where you are — no matter where that is — and supports you, with expert insight, in the choices that are right for YOU. ⁠

And that’s exactly the approach I wanted to infuse into the work I do with my nutrition clients to create a practice that is a blend of both worlds — you’ll get my doula heart and my nutrition brain when we work together: the changes we make WORK for you and are sustainable for your REAL LIFE.

It’s not just a healthier pregnancy you get, but a permanently improved way of life. ⁠

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