Twelve in a Race
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TWELVE IN A RACE by Catherine Little is a read-aloud rhyming book. It retells the origin story of the Chinese zodiac, and in the telling reveals the characteristics of each of the 12 animals — from “persuasive and smart” Rat to “persistent and calm” Sheep to “loyal and diligent” Dog, children will find an animal to root for in this very old tale.

I Am Not A Ghost
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I Am Not A Ghost tells the story of a Chinese railway worker who comes to Canada to work on the Great Canadian Pacific Railway. He, like all the others, came in search of a better life but would have died if not for the benevolence of Amelia Douglas, wife of the former governor of British Columbia. A fictional but historically accurate story with an important message, I Am Not A Ghost describes the racism and hardship that these newcomers to Canada faced and should be required reading for anyone who wants to learn about this troubling period in Canada’s history.

Plumleaf Vintage

The books in Plumleaf Vintage are books to linger over. They are our legacy and are part of a historical record of women speaking about their lives in their own voices. The authors deserve to be read and remembered.

Water Love
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A young Black girl with a love of water is told that swimming is not a “Black sport.” She has to overcome discrimination, stereotyping, and peer pressure to finally catch a wave. Told in spoken word, Water Love is a story that will inspire children to follow their

A Field Guide to the Heart

“In 2020, two poets, two friends, stunned and saddened by the events surrounding us, reached across the miles and wrote and shared poems of love, comfort and hope — that is how this book came about. And because we believe in the power of poetry to inspire contemplation and creativity, we included pages in the book for you, the reader, to record your reflections. May you find solace and joy in doing so.”
— Georgia Heard and Rebecca Kai Dotlich

The Food Doula Cookbook

The Food Doula Cookbook: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and a Nourished New Mom eliminates the guesswork of what to eat during pregnancy, empowering moms-to-be to be nourished, energized, and confident — from preconception through the three trimesters to postpartum.

Our Story

In 2015, Maggie Goh created Plumleaf Press as a passion project to publish “books to linger over” for readers young and old.

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Plumleaf Press specializes in publishing thoughtful, beautifully designed literary books, primarily for women and children, which offer enchantment and inspiration with every page. Our titles include non-fiction, poetry, cookbooks, children’s books, and classic novels in our Plumleaf Vintage series.

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