The Food Doula Cookbook: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and a Nourished New Mom

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 By Lindsay Taylor


The Food Doula Cookbook focuses on real food for real life, every step of the way. Whether you are feeling good and inspired to prep healthy meals for the week, or you are feeling terrible, have nausea or heartburn, and can’t eat much, you’ll find a big selection of recipes here to light up your taste buds, satisfy your cravings, and provide essential nutrition for you and baby, plus loads of advice and tips for food prep, meal planning, choosing the most wholesome foods, and cooking up nutritious, delicious meals.

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The Food Doula Cookbook eliminates the guesswork of what to eat during pregnancy, empowering moms-to-be to be nourished, energized, and confident — from preconception through the three trimesters to postpartum. Author Lindsay Taylor’s positive attitude of “No rules, no guilt,” balanced with her focus on nutritious, real-food choices, permeates the book. In addition to 90 plus easy-to-follow recipes for delicious, nourishing meals best suited for each trimester and postpartum recovery, Lindsay also offers helpful advice on how to build a prenatal pantry, make the best food choices, and engage in effective meal planning and prepping, leaving the expectant mom time to relax and enjoy her pregnancy.

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25 reviews for The Food Doula Cookbook: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and a Nourished New Mom

  1. Andrea

    I am a postpartum doula, so I do a lot of cooking for new moms and their families. This book has been a wonderful addition to my cookbook repertoire, and is by FAR the easiest to use ingredient-wise! The pregnancy and postpartum wisdom before each chapter is incredibly informative too – it’s much more than a cookbook. I have some other cookbooks that I love but to be honest it’s hard to get a hold of some of the ingredients in them sometimes in my area, but The Food Doula cookbook has easy to access ingredients and ideas for substitutions if necessary. I’ve made several of the meals and snacks from this book for myself and my family and oh my goodness are they delicious and satisfying! Not to mention unique: the Healing Mama Golden Stew and the Bone Broth Porridge have been a go-to in my house to keep things interesting (but both are also so simple to make!). I’ve even adjusted some recipes for my pressure cooker with great success. I highly recommend this book to anyone expecting a baby, who have just had baby, or who work with/care for pregnant or postpartum families. This book is a MUST HAVE! If I could give it more stars I would!

  2. Jeff Mack Designs

    This book is wonderful! Ever since I received it, it has lived in on our countertop! We have made so many recipes and every single one has been a hit! Each recipe is easy, and delicious!

  3. J Blair

    I highly recommend this book for all new mothers and mothers-to-be! Particularly now, when mothers are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress during their pregnancies and postpartum, the author offers the reassurance and gentle guidance that so many women need. As a mama of three, I have found this cookbook practical, easily laid out, and also delicious! I am happy to see this cookbook offer women the empowerment and confidence to nourish themselves and baby when it is needed most.This book will be my go-to gift for every new mama in my life!

  4. Chris

    This book is stunningly beautiful and meticulously organized. It is clear that so much hard work, dedication, thought, and understanding (of what it is like to be pregnant / be a parent) went into producing this cookbook. It is laid out by trimester, making it easy to find recipes that suit where you are in your pregnancy journey – including solutions to common concerns such as morning sickness / nausea, easy postpartum snacks, and more.It’s more than just recipes – there are tips and tricks like how to stock your freezer for after baby arrives, as well as helpful info on WHY certain food items / nutrients are important at certain times. I got this book as a doula to help me better serve and nurture my clients, but mostly I have been using it to make easy, healthy, delicious meals for my family (and snacks for me!).If I ever have another baby shower to attend, this will be my go-to gift. I wish I had had this for my own pregnancies, but it is just as valuable now as well.

  5. Kristin Phillips

    I love love love this cookbook! The recipes are simple, yet so nourishing. Within hours of receiving the book, I whipped up two recipes that were delicious! I wanted to buy this book to better prepare myself for stocking up on postpartum meals for when my second baby arrives. With so many helpful tips and tricks, I feel confident that I can tackle postpartum meal prep.

  6. Philippa Taylor

    I’m not pregnant or expecting or even a health nut! But this gorgeous cookbook has so many, yummy recipes all with easy, clear instructions. The photos jump out at you. There is a photo for each recipe, which is must for me. Totally worth buying for anyone. Great gift for anyone who is expecting or just had a baby.

  7. Ms. Deb Schnarr

    I bought this book for myself and for my friends, even though we are past childbearing age.I especially love the dairy free and gluten free recipes . There are lots of great ideas for healthy snacking and meals.Tons of “up to date” information on food choices, suggestions that will help me figure out what to eat.Also love the encouraging words and common sense advice.I have tried many of the recipes and I want to try many more.Highly recommend this book !

  8. Krystal Corless

    This book is so pretty! Hard cover, with a pretty gold title. I love it! It’s filled with great (and delicious) recipes. I know this book is meant for pregnant people, but the recipes are really great for anyone. I loved the section on postpartum recovery and found it super helpful. I think all new moms NEED this book! This will be my staple gift going forward for a baby shower!

  9. Kristen Bellett

    This right here is THE book that I would recommend to anyone trying to conceive or already pregnant. It looks like just another pretty cookbook, but it’s so much more! put so much into this amazing resource in order to make nutrition easier for us! She gave us recipes for each trimester, recipes for battling nausea, recipes for when you’re too tired to cook, told you what to stock your pantry with so that you’re more prepared, and so much more- I cannot sing her praises enough!

  10. Mikhail

    The almond oat chocolate bars are reason enough to purchase this cookbook. It’s got great content for pregnancy through postpartum, and your older kids will also enjoy the tasty treats beneath the cover of The Food Doula, must have if you are expecting!

  11. MG

    This is so much more than a cookbook. Over 90 nutritious, delicious recipes for each stage of pregnancy, including recipes for battling nausea or when you’re too tired to cook. Plus, the author offers practical tips – how to stock your pantry, meal planning, etc., all contributing to a relaxed and happy pregnancy.

  12. Kyle A.

    I put this cookbook on my baby registry and was so excited to receive it! This book is BEAUTIFUL. I find it really helpful that it has photos for every recipe. I love that it’s divided into sections and focuses on nutrition for each trimester as well as for postpartum. As a pregnant mama, I plan on making many of the recipes in this book now AND also to prep for after the baby arrives! I just made the “cookie dough bites” and they are super easy to make and absolutely delicious! Highly recommend this book to pregnant or expecting parents. As a doula, I’ll also recommend this book to clients who want to nourish themselves and aid their postpartum recovery.

  13. Maria

    My favourite cake, easy to make, delicious and good for you! 100% recommended ! It is incredible delicious .. we devoured it one day !!!

  14. Christine R

    I loved how DELICIOUS these recipes are. So many different options, the pictures are beautiful, instructions are easy to follow.Thank you!

  15. Natasaur

    I’m so in love with this book. It’s gorgeous and very informative. My favorite parts are of course the beautiful pictures, but also the meal schedule, pantry list, and trimester specific foods/recipes.

  16. K*V

    Book is beautiful, recipes seem simple and full of nutrition. Only thing I’m not a fan of is how everything is dairy free or plant “milk” based. I will lost likely substitute since the process of making plant juices is not as clean as thought. But looking forward to trying out the recipes

  17. Kent Fenwick

    This is a really good book and not just for pregnant women ? my wife and I have a bunch of recipes and our kids really like them too.- miso soup- protein pancakes- cashew chickenAre our favs. All recipes are easy to make, good for the next day as leftovers and really healthy.

  18. DaisyFace

    I bought this book after starting to follow The Food Doula on Instagram and loving the content that she shares. This book did not disappoint. Firstly, it’s BEAUTIFUL. The gold on the cover, artwork on the inside cover and just the general format make it so appealing to flick through. But also, and most importantly the actual content is golden, too. From breaking down achievable ways to get your daily recommended water intake, to really delicious, but totally fuss-free recipes, this book os perfect.I bought this book because I’m a postpartum doula and I wanted it for my library of books to share with my clients but this one is going to be regularly used by myself as well and my children are well passed the tough baby years.If you are looking for a gift for someone who has just announced their pregnancy, having a baby shower, just popped a baby out or someone who is struggling with time and sleep deprivation – baby-related or not, I have no hesitation in highly recommending this.

  19. MaryK

    This is not only a great gift for those of us who are grandparents to be. It is also appreciated by daughters and the whole family who enjoys these healthy, delicious recipes. I love the fact that Lindsay Taylor leverages her personal and professional experience to create this fantastic book. All in all a worthwhile investment!

  20. Suzanne

    I preordered this after following The Food Doula on Instagram. I was so excited when it arrived. The book is beautiful with the gold on the cover and the beautiful food art inside and the recipes are DELICIOUS. Lindsay Taylor gives really good, down-to-earth, achievable tips on how to stay healthy and maximise nutrition. There doesn’t seem to be any faff in these recipes either. They definitely have time and energy-poor people in mind. This isn’t just a book for pregnant and postpartum women, this is a book for everyone who needs quick, easy, HEALTHY and delicious meals. I have so many food issues and I was THRILLED to see that she’s even got that covered. Dairy-free – check! Gluten-free – check! I’m really shocked that Lindsay Taylor isn’t a household name because this book is knocking the socks off some of the celebrity chef recipe books I have on my shelf. I am so happy I found this gem.

  21. wgautreau

    This book has been my saving grace during this pregnancy and post partum recovery. A few weeks before my little girl arrived, I made a ton of recipes and froze them to help during my post partum phase to ensure I was properly nourished. Every single recipe has been outstanding and my toddler devours almost everything I have given him instantly! All the recipes I tried have also tremendously helped boost my milk supply which has been such a relief. I can’t say enough praise about this cookbook and plan to use it beyond the post partum phase!

  22. Meghan Telpner

    The Food Doula Cookbook should be required reading (and cooking) for all mothers-to-be. It is, hands down, the best pre- and post-natal culinary nutrition-infused cookbook out there. The evidence-based insights, nutrition guidance, menu inspiration, and nutrient-dense, easy-to-make, delicious and beautiful recipes make it an incredible guide for optimal nourishment for expectant mothers. And I have no doubt the recipes will become family staples and favourites long after baby arrives. The Food Doula Cookbook is now my go-to recommendation for all expectant moms.

    – Meghan Telpner, Bestselling author, The UnDiet Cookbook, and Founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

  23. Evanka Osmak

    I was initially drawn to The Food Doula Cookbook for the recipes, but Lindsay’s comforting words and sage advice stayed with me long after I was hungry. Following the birth of my second child, I was often so exhausted and sleep-deprived that opening the first bag of chips in sight seemed like a good idea. Wrong! That’s when I took Lindsay’s words to heart and started eating nourishing food. The recipes are beautifully laid out and organized, making it easy for my husband and I to plan meals and snacks that helped me keep my health and well-being a priority. I will continue to revisit this cookbook long after my babies are grown.

    – Evanka Osmak, Sports anchor, SPORTSNET, and Co-host, Moms in the Middle Podcast

    Taste Canada 2022 Gold Winner for Health and Special Diet Cookbooks! 2022, Winner

  24. Bassie

    I have a LOT of cookbooks, and this is one of my favorites!!! For pregnancy or not!! She uses real food, real ingredients, yet I don’t find the prep to be too complicated like some plant-based cookbooks are. There is a ton of educational material in it as well. The whole cookbook is very thought out and well-balanced. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, but you have to be smart about it, and she does the thinking for you. I wanted to buy this book for my sister then I saw it is out of stock! Please reprint!

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