Ali Hoops

By Evanka Osmak
Illustrated by Megan Chew

Ali Hoops: Ali loves basketball. She loves watching basketball games. She often daydreams about being a basketball star and scoring a winning basket. Ali gets the chance to live her basketball dreams when she and her best friend Leila decide to try out for their fifth-grade team.

Not only will Ali have a chance to make her ultimate dreams come true, but she’ll also do it with her best friend.

There’s only one problem…Ali’s not very good at basketball. And this might just keep her off the team entirely. Or worse, hurt her friendship with Leila.

Join Ali for this fun and heartwarming adventure where she learns that sometimes you don’t have to bounce the ball to be part of the team.

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Pub date: May 1 2024


Playing and watching sports has been a big part of Evanka Osmak's life since she was a kid. Growing up in Oakville, Ontario with an older sister and brother there was always a game to be played or a competition to join. She credits her early years playing sports for giving her great friends, exciting adventures and life long skills. She may not have always been the star on the team, but being part of a team was just as rewarding.  Evanka turned her passion of sports into a dream job working for Canada's national sports network, Sportsnet. Today she has two young boys and a wonderful husband.

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Trade, 7.5" X 5.5", 80 pages


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