Foods That Help with Pregnancy Nausea

Mar 9, 2021 | Our Books | 0 comments

We are less than a month away from the release of The Food Doula Cookbook: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and a Nourished New Mom. The recipes in the book will not only please your cravings but will also provide essential nutrition for you and baby. Also featured are tips for food prep, meal planning, and preparing for life with new baby.

A common question author Lindsay Taylor receives from clients and followers on Instagram is how to gain control over pregnancy nausea.

  • Did you know that blood sugar control is a major player in the nausea game?
  • Did you know that REAL FOOD may help control nausea by helping balance blood sugar levels?

It can take some time for your cells to get used to processing blood sugar more efficiently, so starting early is key.

When we eat lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates, too much glucose floods our system. This triggers the body to push out lots of insulin to get all that glucose out of the bloodstream. The excess insulin makes this process happen at super-speed — so fast that the result is a big drop in the blood sugar levels, which leaves a person feeling nauseous, shaky, anxious, hungry, and craving sugar to get those blood sugar levels back up. It works like one giant roller coaster, and we all know that women do not want to be on roller coasters when pregnant.

Lindsay Taylor dives deep into how to help manage pregnancy nausea in her new book, but here are some effective natural remedies that might help. ⁠


If nausea comes in waves, particularly when you get a little hungry, blood sugar is playing a role. ⁠Adding some protein to every meal or snack you eat will help. Some examples of protein include eggs, seeds, nut butters, salted trail mix, and even frozen peas.


You can add lemon to your water or squeeze lemon on meals. Even being around the scent of lemon can help. Use a lemon essential oil in your diffuser, or cut up a few slices and place them in a bowl near where you work.


Ginger is scientifically proven to help relieve pregnancy-related nausea. Add to your smoothies, make a ginger tea, or try a ginger “jello” or an at-home ginger ale. ⁠⁠


Try adding more acid to your meals. Acid is even better when paired with salt. A vinegary drizzle on sandwiches and salads and lime juice on meat/fish and soups and curries are also helpful. ⁠⁠

The recipes in the “Trimester 1” section of The Food Doula Cookbook will help you feel good and optimize your nutrition. You will find easy-to-stomach foods, reimagined with extra protein, fat, and critical nutrients. The recipes balance blood sugar levels, help prevent nausea, and support the early weeks of baby’s development.

While real food can help prevent and manage pregnancy nausea, the timing and amount you eat can also play a role. The Food Doula Cookbook also provides a “No More Nausea Meal Schedule.” The guide helps with the timing of your meals and provides suggested recipes from the book.

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