Betsy McGregor Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by NWLCO

Nov 22, 2021 | Award, News | 0 comments

Plumleaf Press would like to announce with pride that on 22 November, Dr. Betsy McGregor, author of WOMEN ON THE BALLOT: PATHWAYS TO POLITICAL POWER, was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the National Women’s Liberal Commission of Ontario (NWLCO) for her service and contributions to the advancement of women in Canadian politics. Similar to Betsy’s work, the NWLCO’s mission is to represent the voices of women in the Liberal Party of Canada, and encourage women to actively participate in all levels of politics. The award was presented to Betsy McGregor by NWLCO Commission Chair, Alicia Natividad.

Alongside the NWLCO’s Certificate of Appreciation, Plumleaf Press would also like to take this opportunity to recognize Dr. Betsy McGregor for her impressive accomplishments. Since Betsy’s early career as Director of Studies for the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development “Gender Working Group,” Betsy has championed women in STEM, international development, and politics. Teaching in secondary schools for several years, Betsy also developed workshops on leadership ethics for Harvard Kennedy School. In the political sphere, Betsy was a two-time federal candidate and three-time nominee, and created the “Candidate’s Tool Box” to equip women running for election. In addition to these achievements, Betsy is also a mountain climber, devoted mother, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, founder of the World Women’s Veterinary Association, and author, among many other distinctions. Congratulations on this well-deserved award, Betsy!

Betsy’s book WOMEN ON THE BALLOT is a shining example of her work in the field of politics. WOMEN ON THE BALLOT is a book about women who saw how things were, knew change was needed, and became involved with the world of Canadian politics, not unlike Dr. Betsy McGregor herself. Gleaned from more than 100 hours of interviews, WOMEN ON THE BALLOT offers compelling stories, insights, and advice from more than 90 Canadian women with diverse backgrounds in race, ethnicity, religious faith systems, citizenship, and sexual orientation, across all levels of government and party lines.

With this book, Betsy hopes that readers will put their names on the ballot and be the change they hope to see in Canadian politics. As one viewer of the 22 November NWLCO Award Night expressed, “Betsy has put out a fantastic book—a must-read—WOMEN ON THE BALLOT….”

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