A Breathtaking Collection by Diana Hayes

Mar 16, 2020 | Our Books | 0 comments

“The poems tell us we are home, and about the hungry world beyond, in all its guises …” – Susan Musgrave, author and poet

In Labyrinth of Green, a stunning new collection of poetry and photographs, Diana Hayes takes the reader on an emotional journey from the forests of Salt Spring Island through the prairies, into the ravines of Toronto, and across the ocean to ancestral lands in Ireland — and what a joyful, heartbreaking, reflective, unforgettable journey it is. A breathtaking collection.

“All day I drove in that place they called prairie west of Sintaluta, through lightning storm into dusk. Just that brief distance ahead, not knowing. Blank skin of vellum, optical illusion, the flatness a reminder of all lost roots. …” – Diana Hayes, from “Song of the Qu’Appelle River” in Labyrinth of Green