by Jane Austen

Nov 8, 2021 | News | 0 comments

By Maggie Goh

When I began researching books to publish under our Plumleaf Vintage series, I was looking for engaging classics that were not too well known, but that would interest lovers of classics as well as engage a younger generation and hook them to read more classics.

I was delighted when I came across LADY SUSAN, an epistolary novel written by JANE AUSTEN when she was just 19. I was amazed by how expertly the youthful JA told the story of the titular Lady Susan — the self-centred, manipulative, heartless coquette — through letters between her and those around her, as well as letters about her by those whose lives were impacted by her. I could not stop reading until I reached the end. And I knew this would be our debut novel.

I also knew who would be the perfect author to write the Introduction to the book — my friend Natalie Jenner, whose first book, The Jane Austen Society, was setting off a buzz and flying off the shelf. She not only agreed to write the Introduction, but was also an amazing support in more ways than one. More about this in Story 2.

And then with our Creative Director, we set about hunting for the perfect picture for the cover. And a former Designer on our team, who was on the brink of her baby due date, showed us this lovely painting by Kay Widdowson — and our first PV book was ready!


“… as Austen’s earliest attempt at a novel, LADY SUSAN heralds all the masterful wit, characterization, use of language, and catharsis of the many books to come.”
— Natalie Jenner, Introduction, LADY SUSAN by Jane Austen


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