Mississauga-based author winner of Taste Canada Award for her healthy pregnancy cookbook Mississauga News  |  Kyle Marshall  | Monday, November 14, 2022

Since 1998, Taste Canada has given out awards to some of the best cookbook authors and food writers in Canada

Taste Canada Announces the 2022 Winners of Canada’s National, Bilingual Food Writing Awards EIN News
Health or Special Diet Cookbooks: Gold

The Food Doula Cookbook: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and a Nourished New Mom by Lindsay Taylor, Plumleaf Press, Oakville

Catherine Little presents: Twelve in a Race : Parkdale : Program

https://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca › detail | Nov 10, 2022

Twelve in a Race tells the origin story of the Chinese Zodiac. In this program, the author, Catherine Little will introduce the concept of …

Peterborough’s Betsy McGregor appointed to the Order of Canada | kawarthaNOW

Peterborough’s Betsy McGregor appointed to the Order of Canada. Author and former federal political candidate honoured for her championship of women.

34 of the Best Mother’s Day Gifts Amazon Has to Offer  |  GQ

May 4, 2021
Officially speaking, Mother’s Day is May 9th. You’ve got less than a week left. Which means it’s time to order one of the scores of excellent Mother’s Day gifts Amazon stocks on the double. Only problem? The Amazon browsing experience is, well…a labyrinth of hot garbage. That’s where we come in: we’ve dug up all the (very Prime-able) gems to help you win big on Mother’s Day. Gifts are a love language for a reason; they make a person feel appreciated, special, and as innately stylish as Billy Crystal. So here are 34 of the best Mother’s Day gifts Amazon has to offer for fast ordering and fast delivering on the holiday, and all the other days of the year too. Feel free to celebrate mom in non-material ways to really enhance the power of the gift. Really listen to her when she speaks. Read up on women’s issues (hint: they’re everyone’s issues). Play her a love song that will take her far, far away. And don’t forget the card, man.

The Food Doula Cookbook  | CHCH Morning Live

April 6, 2021
Healthy food plays a huge role for new or expecting moms. Lindsay Taylor joined us this morning to share nourishing and delicious ideas from The Food Doula Cookbook.

Betsy McGregor tells CBC Radio about her new book Women on the Ballot.

October 4, 2019
Former political candidate Betsy McGregor tells us about her new book Women on the Ballot.

Light in the Forest | Our Children

October 15, 2020
Light in the Forest is deceptively simple. Silkscreen artist Holly Carr translates one of her elegant evocative murals into a book and the result is a simple yet so-often-forgotten message of hope.

The inimitable, unstoppable Holly Carr

November 4, 2019
Nova Scotian artist has become famous for her vibrant, bold, lush silk paintings and her live art performances.

Local artist launches ambitious wellness project for mental health

November 9, 2020
We chat with local artist Holly Carr to learn more about her multi-faceted wellness project called Light in the Forest. All facets of the project are designed as a message of hope and resilience in light of mental health and its endorsed by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Light in the Forest is a new children’s picture book from Canadian artist Holly Carr.

September 23, 2020  | CHCH Morning Live
Light in the Forest is a new children’s picture book from Canadian artist Holly Carr. It’s message is a timely one for all of us. Holly joined us this morning from Halifax to tell us why she wrote the book.

November 9, 2020

Betsy McGregor book recognizes women considering life in politics

September 24, 2019
She developed a “Tool Kit” for women considering political life; now Betsy McGregor has published a collection of insights from women across Canada who are involved in every level of politics. The leadership coach and ethics advisor is on a cross-country book launch for Women on the Ballot: Pathways to Political Power.

Peterborough author Betsy McGregor spends a day at Harvard

November 18, 2019
Betsy McGregor was invited by Harvard to discuss Women on the Ballot at the Harvard Kennedy School, Institute of Politics.

Women on the Ballot: Pathways to Political Power, Pizza and Politics with Betsy McGregor | Harvard EDU | November 14, 2019
Federal Canadian Parliamentary Candidate Betsy McGregor visits to lead a discussion on women in politics. She recently published Women on the Ballot: Pathways to Political Power.

Hayes shares Labyrinth of Green

December 10, 2019
Diana Hayes’ remarkable talents are fully evident this month, with release of her new book Labyrinth of Green and a photo exhibit at the Salt Spring Public Library showcasing her wonderful way with both words and image. Though small in size and just about 100 pages, Labyrinth of Green holds a remarkable range of expression.

Women on the Ballot -CHCH Morning Live

September 13, 2019
Why aren’t there more women running for office in this country? And how can we change that? Just a couple of questions answered in a new, and very timely, book Women on the Ballot by author Betsy McGregor.

New book by Peterborough author celebrates women in politics

November 20, 2019  | Global News
A new book called Women on the Ballot explores the stories of female politicians in Canada. It’s written by a local author who hopes the book is a call to action for more women to get into politics. Katrina Squazzin has the story.

Water Love – Quill and Quire

Readers cannot help but root for her, reminded that the only way out is through. Reviewer: Simone Dalton. Publisher: Plumleaf Press

Light in the Forest featured in Best Books for Kids & Teens 2021 — Spring Edition

Spring, 2021
Holly’s children’s book, Light in the Forest, has been selected as one of the best books for kids, 2021 by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre!

Lisa Doucet Reviews Holly Carr’s Light in the Forest

January 13, 2021
Nova Scotian artist Holly Carr’s stunning new picture book begins with jet black pages and glowing amber eyes peering ominously off the page. Then, one by one, Carr introduces the animals of the forest. At first, each creature is howling or lurking or screeching, and the accompanying illustration is dark and eerie and sombre, showing a close-up of that particular beast looking sinister and fearsome. Yet, the narrator still tells readers in bold white letters: “Do not be afraid.”

Woozles Children’s Bookstore in Halifax, NS: Light in the Forest, written and illustrated by Holly Carr (Plumleaf Press, 2020) Ages 1-8

November, 2020
Booksellers’ Picks: Lisa Doucet, Co-manager, Woozles Children’s Bookstore reviews Light in the Forest by Holly Carr.

Women on the Ballot by Betsy McGregor

November 20, 2019
It is an unfortunate fact that there have been more MLAs named John elected to Nova Scotia’s provincial legislature than there have been women. Women on the Ballot: Pathways to Political Power (Rubicon, 2019) bills itself as an “essential roadmap” to correct this imbalance by empowering women to run for political office.

Labyrinth of Green  | September 23, 2019
Diana’s new book, Labyrinth of Green (Plumleaf Press, 2019) , is a wonder to behold. “Lost in Cedar, Duck Creek 2019 is the photograph that welcomes the reader into the book (on the cover and inside).

New book a call for more women in politics

September 23, 2019
For three years Betsy McGregor interviewed 95 women across Canadian politics about their decision to put their name on the ballot, the challenges they faced and what they learned. The result is the book Women on the Ballot — part short stories delving into the lives of remarkable women, and part road map to inspire more women to step into politics.

Mary Ann Moore reviews Labyrinth of Green.

Fall, 2019
Poet, writer, writing mentor, Mary Ann Moore deep dives into Labyrinth of Green.