A Successful Book Launch in Stratford Filled with Memories of David and Willa

Aug 20, 2019 | Our Books | 0 comments

Willa’s House looks beautiful! What a wonderful way to honour David — a lasting legacy for a gifted wordsmith and an amazing human being.” — Georgia Heard

Heartfelt thanks to these three close friends and colleagues of David Booth —  Kathy Gould Lundy, Larry Swartz, and Wendy Cochran — who took the time to drive to Stratford and showcase David’s last book, Willa’s House, and share memories of David, our brilliant and kind author, friend, mentor, whom we all miss deeply!

David left us a sweet legacy in Willa’s House — this archetypal story of a house, a home, a community, and the good memories of love, family, and friends that can sustain us through rough times.

Much appreciation to Stratford Festival Theatre Shop for hosting the event, and the Plumleaf team behind the organization and beautiful set-up!

“It is my hope that this book will bring forth children’s own stories of home life: neighbours, school, faith, community, friends. Perhaps Willa’s House might even act as an icon representing home memories for children so that they, like Willa, will see their own safe place through the hazy filter of Willa’s vignettes.” — David Booth, May 2018

Cousins of David Booth

Two of Willa’s former students from Teacher’s College!

Kathy Lundy, Mary Macchiusi, Larry Swartz

The flowers matched the splendid sunny day in Stratford for the launch for Willa’s House — only missing author David Booth!